Latest release: Bite Your Head Off (Impedance)

Anyone who knows anything about Australian metal would salivate at the thought of members of Blood Duster, Dreadnaught, Stiff Meat and Cockfight Shootout all playing in a band together. People, Loud gives you King Parrot, currently tearing the pit apart on the Bastardfest tour as it moves around the country. Between shows, we caught up with vocalist Youngy and had a brief chat about the band and their appropriately-named new album, Bite Your Head Off.

Hey Youngy, how’s it going? You have a new album out and you’ve been doing the Bastardfest shows so I guess you’ve been quite busy lately.
Yeah man, we’ve been flat out the last few weeks. The album came out two weeks ago and we did Brisbane and the Gold Coast, then we did Tasmania as well. It’s been awesome. We’ve been having a ball on the Bastardfest tour. Heaps of good bands and good times all ’round. The album’s been received pretty well, so we’re really stoked.

Yes, it sounds like the tour’s been going really well. What’s it been like getting out there and playing with all those guys?
It’s good man. It’s a small world in the metal scene. No matter what sort of genre you’re doing, or what sort of style you’re doing, everyone seems to know each other. I’ve just been surprised by some of the people… dudes I used to go to high school with are playing in bands now, and it’s just been cool to catch up and make some new friends as well. The Tassie metal scene is really strong, so we made some good friends down there, and Brissie’s always great. We’re just looking forward to the rest of it now. We’ve got a whole bunch more shows coming up around the country so we’re really stoked that we have the opportunity to be able to do it.

Well Bite Your Head Off really lives up to its name!
[Laughs] Well, that was the intention! It was just a bit of a joke we had going around when we were on tour one time and someone yelled out, “Hey, don’t bite me head off!” and we thought it was a good name for the album. We just ran with it. When we’re in the studio and stuff like that, the way we go about playing, we try to keep it pretty organic. Obviously the whole experience of King Parrot is all about the live show. We just put heaps of energy into it and get right into the crowd and everyone’s having a good time and getting loose. When we went to studio we just belted it out really quickly and we listened to it back and went, “Geez, we played that really fast”. We thought we might have played it too fast, but we just ran with it and we’re glad we did now because it’s got that real intensity about it, and that’s what we wanted to capture.

And I did hear some of these songs on the previous EP.
You would have heard one of them, yeah. “Sun in the Sea” made another appearance. We weren’t gonna do any old songs. A friend of ours is actually working on a film clip for that song – it’s gonna be an animation clip. An artist friend, Boyd Synnott, who did the artwork for the first EP. He’s gonna do an animation clip for that song. So we wanted to do it some justice so we thought we’ll record it again and do it a bit faster and a bit meaner and a bit tighter. He’s actually working on that with Hock from Karnivool over in Perth. Hopefully we’ll have that out early next year.

It sounds like you have some good connections working for you, and you have some other shows with Frankenbok coming up soon too.
Well we’ve all been in bands now for a while. Rizzo’s played in Blood Duster for a long time, and Squiz our guitarist has been playing in bands since the 80s. And myself and Slatts, we’re a bit younger, but we’ve been playing in bands for just as long so we know lots of dudes. The Frankenbok dudes have been really cool to play with. They’ve sort of taken us under their wing a little bit at different stages, but now we’re both doing our own thing. They’ve got a new album coming out soon and we’re doing a split 7″ with them soon. It’s been a really good experience because we’ve been able to help each other out. It’s been really cool.

Catch King Parrot biting heads off around Australia:
9/11: Bastardfest, The Basement, Canberra ACT
10/11: Edge Hotel, Mildura VIC
16/11: Hunter Valley Brewery, Maitland NSW (+ Frankenbok)
17/11: Bastardfest, Sandringham Hotel, Sydney NSW
24/11: Eastern Station Hotel, Ballarat, VIC
1/12: Tote Hotel, Melbourne VIC