Hunkered down in Victoria, completing the writing of their fourth studio album, formidable five-piece King Parrot are still taking the time to give it their all on the regional gig circuit. The band recently returned from two hot, wet, humid dates in Queensland, where they played at The Jack in Cairns and the Dalrymple Hotel in Townsville.

On the phone from Geelong, vocalist Matt ‘Youngy’ Young he asserts that “People know what to expect with King Parrot… people know that we’re going to put 100% into every show.”

From the band’s previous overseas opportunities of twelve US tours, five European tours, and Asian tours, with outdoor Australian festival slots at Soundwave to performances in prominent venues like Sydney’s Factory Theatre and Melbourne’s AC/DC Lane, Youngy tells me that “there’s nothing better than getting the opportunity to rock out with a full house of people.” Although that house will now have to be less than a 100 person capacity due to COVID-19 hitting our shores.

Unfortunately, the worsening state of the spread of coronavirus has forced most upcoming King Parrot shows and tours to be cancelled or postponed. On a positive note, King Parrot recently published an encouraging illustration on their Facebook page – the silhouette graphic of a stylised parrot skeleton, along with the phrase “Fear only has the power you give it. Hope works the same way.”

During this sudden shift of focus from tours, festivals and live dates, Youngy explains that King Parrot are staying busy by finishing the writing of their aforementioned album. This will be their follow up release to 2017’s Ugly Produce, which contained the likes of Numb Skull, Piss Wreck, and Ten Pounds of Shit in a Five Pound Bag. Three years ago, after Ugly Produce was released, a beneficial writing session yielded four or five new tracks that were properly demoed and recorded, prompting plans for an EP that never happened. The upcoming album will comprise a re-recorded selection of these tracks, along with the future results of ten recent song ideas. Plans have been made to road test some of this new material on The Thrash Blast Grind Tour, when it’s rescheduled. Before this happens, King Parrot hope to knuckle down on their rehearsals, demos and recordings, luck prevailing.

“We like to do it the old-school organic way, we try to jam it out in the room”, Youngy says. “Everyone’s coming up with ideas, we all put in, I write most of the vocals and lyrics, but everyone pitches in, even Toddy our drummer writes guitar riffs. We’re very fucking lucky, very grateful, and we’re happy to put in the hard work, get that stuff done. Toddy’s actually fucking great at writing songs on guitar. He’s got another band called FUC, which stands for Forest Under Construction, they get up to some wacky stuff, getting up there and playing in bikinis, which is not that easy on the eye. I’ve got an appreciation for all music, but I’m probably not the wild, young, rebellious type that I used to be.”

And so, in the face of an upcoming album, a postponed national tour and more regional shows in the not-too-distant future, keep yourself informed on King Parrot’s movements by following this radical, surprising band on all of your usual social media platforms. Considering the widespread threat of coronavirus, this is an extremely important time for hygienically banding together and supporting your vital local music economies. People are already pitching in to online charity incentives from websites like Bandcamp, which will hopefully go a fair way.

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