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Canada’s Living with Lions are relatively new kids on the pop/punk block having formed just six years ago, but have rapidly forged a reputation for themselves within the once again burgeoning style of music. Ahead of their first Australian tour as part of Soundwave, guitarist/vocalist Chase Brenneman briefly gave Loud the lowdown.

Q: You’re headed here as part of Soundwave; which acts are you excited to see at the festival?
A: There are so many good bands on Soundwave this year. I think that one of the really exciting parts about it is there’s probably like ten or 12 bands that I’d really, really enjoy watching or am excited to see for the first time. So for me anyway, and I’m sure the rest of the guys are the same that’s half the excitement. I’m stoked to see blink-182. I’ve never seen Metallica play before, so I feel like that’s something that most people have to see at least once in their lifetime. Slayer will be cool and we have a tonne of friends who will be playing it, like Polar Bear Club, Cancer Bats, The Wonder Years, Such Gold, all those guys. All those bands I really enjoy watching, they’re some of my favourite bands so it’ll be pretty fun.

Q: If you had to give Soundwave punters a reason to check out your set, what would it be?
A: Hopefully because we just put on a good show, I guess. We’re just excited to come over there and play, because we’ve never been over to Australia before and we’re just excited to see people we haven’t seen before and get to play for people that haven’t seen us. It should be really fun. We’ve had a lot of fun touring around for the last little while, and I think it’ll be really good. I’m also super stoked that we got to do a couple of Sidewaves, especially with our friends. It’s a new experience for us, we haven’t done this before so it’s cool to have bands like The Wonder Years and Such Gold who we have known for a long time and are good pals of ours, it’ll be cool to have them there with us for those shows.

Q: Are you aware of the extent of your following in Australia, or is it somewhat of an unknown quantity?
A: I mean, we haven’t had a lot of contact with people out there, but especially like when our record came out, our last record Holy Shit, it was the very first time that we had anything released in Australia. So ever since then, there’s been a steady flow of people writing us and stuff like that from Australia. There’s been people in touch with us and we’ve heard a lot of awesome things from people over there, so I’m really looking forward to it. Our friends were just over there and they said there’s a lot of people asking about us. With any place you’ve never been before it’s like, you don’t want to really have any expectations because you don’t know how it’s gonna be. So anything will be awesome really.

Q: Are you working on a new record at the moment?
A: Yeah, we are actually. We’ve been spending like the last four, five months writing, kind of demoing stuff and just chipping away. We’ve worked on a tonne of stuff now. I think when we get back from Soundwave then we’ll kind of buckle down, maybe book some recording time and start planning a release and stuff like that. Start the tedious process of actually planning to put out a record.

Q: Do you enjoy being in the studio, though?
A: Yeah, I do, it just depends really. You never really know what’s going to happen in the studio. I’ve been in some really bad situations where it’s stressful and I hate it, but generally I really enjoy it. It’s fun to get in there; especially when you’re really on a roll. Having a good time and you’re there with your friends, kinda just going with the flow. It’s always fun to create stuff and just have fun recording. I do enjoy that aspect of it.

Q: Where do you envision the next record heading then?
A: I don’t know. We’ve definitely written a lot of songs that sound a little different, and maybe like a little darker than the stuff that we’ve released in the past. But we have a lot of songs that are on the same kind of page that a lot of our other songs are on, so I think it’s going to be a little bit of a mix. Since we put out our first full-length it’s been almost five or six years and it’s just natural for any band to grow. Like individually you change and stuff like that. Especially when we start getting closer to the time where we actually go to record I think the songs will take shape, and they’ll just kind of end up how they are, I guess. We never really go into the writing process thinking we want to go in a certain direction. It’s more putting ideas down, working on them and they just kind of end up how they end up.

Q: You’ve been slotted into the pop/punk field. What’s your view on the current state of that style of music – do you feel it’s been on the resurgence recently?
A: Yeah, absolutely, I think so. Even just like punk in general, there’s a lot of awesome bands, especially coming out of the States and Europe. We just finished some dates with Title Fight; that band’s incredible and the new record’s amazing. I really like Polar Bear Club. I think it’s cool that like my personal taste in punk was more in like the 90s, more Jawbreaker-esque kind of stuff. So I really like a lot of the music I’m hearing now. There was a while there where it seemed like it was kinda dead, but I feel like there’s a lot of cool bands and kids are starting to check out a lot more punk, pop/punk kinda stuff these days.

Q: Why do you feel it experienced somewhat of a lull in popularity for a while?
A: I don’t know. I mean, I think especially nowadays people’s tastes in music changes so quickly. Especially like mainstream stuff, just ‘cause of the internet. People just gravitate towards a certain style of music one day, and then slowly start gravitating towards other things another day. I think like punk music in general, it’s always kind of been this way. Its popularity relies on like a younger generation. The younger bands are responsible for getting those kids into that music, and I think for a while there wasn’t a lot of interesting or progressive stuff happening. Then all of a sudden you had a lot of younger bands putting out music and kids that maybe hadn’t heard a lot of pop/punk or any punk kind of stuff found out about them. Bands like The Wonder Years, Such Gold and all those kinds of bands just getting a lot of younger kids more into it.

Q: Any famous last words?
A: (Laughs) I don’t really have too much to say I guess. Come watch us play if you get the chance.

Living with Lions play the sold out Soundwave Festival.

You can also catch them with The Wonder Years, Such Gold and Versus the World on the following dates-

25/2: Annandale Hotel, Sydney NSW and
28/2: Corner Hotel, Melbourne VIC