Latest release: Terror Hungry (Nuclear Blast)

With Finnish thrashers Lost Society releasing their sophomore effort, Terror Hungry in early April, we caught up with front man, guitarist and all round party animal, Samy Elbanna. The well of creativity is endless with these Finnish teens, with two full albums in their first twelve months with Nuclear Blast records.

“I don’t know where it comes from man, it just comes from within,” Elbanna says.

With insightful videos on their You Tube channel, giving fans access to members’ thoughts on individual tracks, as well live access and music videos, the band are relentless in their attempts to entice new listeners.

“We tried from the beginning to have a good time both out and about and in the studio because there are just so many of the bands like us out there, so we just try to make ourselves look like the most evil people on earth. We’re just four really stupid people from Finland.

“Everything was just going so fast after we released the first album. We were just blown away that the band could get somewhere with this kind of music especially in the music industry nowadays, as everything has gone to shit with people not buying albums.”

Music videos are so integral to bands attempting to crack the world market it seems it won’t be long until Lost Society fans see the latest instalment.

“Yes, a music video will be out hopefully around the time of the album coming out, at least that’s what we’re trying to do,” Elbanna says. “It will be the title track, ‘Terror Hungry’. We’ve actually left this thing really late, but we’ll start filming soon and we’ve got an idea so it will actually be a cool video for the people to see.”

Being so young you can’t help but think the young Finns are living their dream: partying hard, playing thrash music and grabbing some great support slots over the last twelve months including a recent tour supporting Greek thrashers Suicidal Angels.

“It really is a dream come true, I can’t lie,” the appreciative singer says. “Ever since I dreamt of being a musician growing up, it’s been everything I could have hoped for and it’s just been a blast, especially with these three other guys, they’re all my brothers. I hope we can continue for many years to come.”

With a penchant for old school thrash, Elbanna went onto explain how he was roped into the world of heavy metal.

“The whole thrash thing started when I was seven years old and my brother who was into heavy metal played me a few Iron Maiden tracks. One track of which was ‘The Prisoner’ from The Number Of The Beast. It changed my life. I only listened to Iron Maiden and other heavy metal bands from then on, all mainly orientated around 80s/90s era of metal, and then I discovered the thrash thing. The first bands that came to me were Anthrax and Slayer.”

Any mention of Anthrax these days and an argument always develops regarding who was the best vocalist for the thrash pioneers, but Elbanna is adamant. “Belladonna all the way, man.”

Whilst the lyrical content is incomparable to Metallica’s thrash debut, Kill ‘Em All the musical energy and guitar harmonies have certain similarities and comparisons don’t end there with Elbanna almost thrown into the lead role a-la the way James Hetfield took over as Metallica’s vocalist all those years ago.

“Haha, I’ve heard that before. Actually the whole thing came up by accident. We had the band but no vocalist. We just couldn’t find a singer anywhere and then I was like one day, ‘Fuck it, I’ll just try it’ and I liked it. I’ve always liked entertaining the crowd and be the one speaking so it pretty much came naturally and it will continue that way.”

With fellow thrash bands Toxic Holocaust, Skeletonwitch, Death Angel and Kreator on the way to Australia next month for a massive influx of speed metal across our nation, Elbanna has high hopes his band will one day grace our shores.

“Totally dude, its just one of those places that is my own personal goal to get to. But it’s the same problem as a lot of bands have; it’s just really expensive to get there. But we’re just waiting for the right deal to come along, but that would be killer.”

Elbanna is well aware of the Soundwave Festival though.

“The Soundwave Festival is killer, that’d be cool. Talk us up man!”

With thrash music an intense source of enjoyment, Elbanna’s not one to be locked into any specific genres for his own pleasure, admitting, “For me, I’ll listen to anything basically; of course it’s been such a common stereotype that if you play thrash you can’t listen to anything else but that’s bullshit, you can always find inspiration in so many kinds of music. Australian music, I like Parkway Drive. When I’m chilling out, Dire Straits, I love that stuff, but 80s heavy metal otherwise.”

Lost Society may be just starting in their metal career but are one of the up and coming bands out of Europe with the potential to make a lasting mark in the world of metal. Hop on board the mayhem.