Latest Release: A Star-Crossed Wasteland (Century Media/EMI)

Since 2005, In This Moment have worked hard, played every show possible and spent countless hours recording, to propel themselves to the top of the metal pile. Six years since they began, come September In This Moment will be gracing Australian shores to join some of music’s greats at the Soundwave Revolution festival. Christine Caruana got the chance to shoot the breeze with Maria Brink, just months before they come Down Under.

Q: Hello Maria, how are you? First up, what’s new with you and In This Moment right now?
A: Hello, I’m good how you doing? Right now we are doing a US tour, called The All Stars Tour. We’re doing another summer festival type thing, getting ready to round off; this is our last year of touring for this album cycle so we’ll be doing a new album soon.

Q: I’m good thanks; sounds great. What are you looking forward to the most about playing in Australia for the first time?
A: Oh everything about it, I’ve never been to Australia, so I’m very excited just to see it in general; to meet people, to play there, to see how the crowds are. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things, because a bunch of my friends have played Soundwave before, and so you know I’m just excited about every aspect of it.

Q: Has any of the other members of ITM been to Australia before?
A: No, none of us, so we are all going there very excited. You know, we’ve been really lucky and have got to travel all over the world, and also we’re going places we’ve never been.

Q: Coming to Australia, it’s going to be the first time for many people to actually hear ITM. What do you hope they take away from the show?
A: Definitely our live energy that we bring, and I hope they can feel what it is that we do, because you know music is a feeling and we are emotional up there, we have a lot of energy. We’re really giving it our all, and I’m giving it my all, and just hope that they get us and understand what we’re about.

Q: After being named Hottest Chick in Metal at the Revolver Golden God Awards, has it changed anything for you or the band?
A: No, I think that’s kind of a silly little thing. I mean, obviously music has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not somebody is beautiful. There is an image part, I guess, that comes into play… with some bands definitely I guess image can be strong, but we know it’s all about the music, and that’s what it obviously comes down to. I just take the award as sort of a fun, light hearted thing, you know what I mean? It’s not like it’s going to define us! [Laughs]

Q: Moving onto your latest release, A Star-Crossed Wasteland. It’s very different from your previous releases, which is expected as you are an experimental band. Do you think it depicts the In This Moment, you’ve been working towards?
A: Yeah I think we are definitely finding our defining sound. Like you said, we experiment a lot and we go from really melodic to really heavy, we’re kind of all over the place, and I think we kind of collaborated a lot of aspects of our band in that album.

Q: Is it true we can expect your next release in 2012?
A: Yeah, we are starting to write for our new album now, so in the Spring/Summer of 2012, the new album will be coming out.

Q: That’s some great news right there. Do you hope that after playing Soundwave Revolution, it will open up the door to Australia, to bring the next album tour down here?
A: Oh absolutely! Australia, from before I was even in a band, is a place that I always dreamed of visiting, a place I always wanted to go. So yeah, any opportunities we can get to come there is definitely something we are going to do, and look forward to. So hopefully Australia likes us and we do well, and people get what we are doing and we can come back.

Q: So writing for the new album has begun?
A: Yeah, we’re slowly starting to write now. Slowly starting to dive into it, and it’s really exciting, it’s like starting all over again. I get so excited, just everything about it, the creation of it, the concept, everything.

Q: A Star-Crossed Wasteland hinted at a concept album, do you think your next album will be a full concept album, or steering away from that idea this time?
A: I don’t think so. I definitely do love the idea of having the loosely threaded concept theme to it, not the story from the beginning to the end, because I feel too constricted with my writing. I do like a loose story line that goes through an album because it’s cool to write, and metaphorical, versus something like Oh I’m really sad my boyfriend left me. It kind of gets old for me, so it’s kind of cool to write my personal experiences in a story, metaphorically. I like that.

Q: You do all the lyric writing for ITM, correct?
A: Yeah, I write all the lyrics, and the melodies, but when it comes to the actual music, we all kind of do that together.

Q: What inspires you the most, is it strictly personal experiences, or do other bands, movies and books play apart too?
A: It is a collaboration of all of those things. Definitely, where ever you are in life is going to influence your writing, like if somebody you truly love just died or you know, obviously how you’re feeling strongly in your life is going to have an overtone in your album. I am influenced by art in general, in movies and visual things and other music of course. So it’s kind of everything together, then I find what I’d like the overall feel to the album to be like, then I go from there.

Q: You are a big inspiration to other female metal and punk vocalists, as well as fans. Does that put a whole new world of pressure on you personally?
A: No, you never really feel like that personally. You’re never like “Oh, I’m an inspiration!” You know what I mean? [laughs] It definitely does somewhat, in some ways, like I get thousands of fans writing to me that maybe at one point they were suicidal and our music kind of gave them an inspiration. I write about dark things, but I always end it [that] there is a light at the end of a dark tunnel. So I personally don’t want to write about things too morbid or dark, because you don’t want to influence them completely in a dark way. But at the same time, I still want to be real and always have a balance between the dark and the light. So, I just have to be careful.

Q: Now, I know that there has been no announcement of an ITM side show when you’re in Australia, but have you heard anything about doing one?
A: I actually have no idea! I heard talks about it with the booking agent, but that is something that is on them, and we really have nothing to do with that. But I am hoping, you know what I mean? I heard there might be, but I’m not quite sure.

Q: Oh was hoping you’d be able to give some good news about a side show!
A: [Laughs] Oh yeah, well as far as I know right now I have heard talks about it, but I’m not quite sure.

Q: Thank you for taking the time to talk to me.
A: Thank you for interviewing us and we look forward to coming on over there.