Since the release of their album Citadel last year, Melbourne’s Ne Obliviscaris haven’t let the grass grow under their feet. Dozens of festival shows and three huge international tours have seen them play to countless thousands around the world already this year. With a break in their tour allowing them some time to breathe, the eclectic progressive metal ensemble return home for seven shows with Sydney singer-song writer Plini this week. As he was due to jet home from the Netherlands, Loud caught up with violinist Tim Charles.

Hi Tim – how’s things? The tour has obviously been doing very well.
Yeah, everything’s been going absolutely amazing. Tonight we just finished show #33 in Stilburg here in the Netherlands and we feel really lucky to be here in the first place, touring with such an iconic name in metal like Cradle of Filth and playing to thousands of people across Europe. It’s an amazing experience for us and we feel very fortunate.

I guess it would be hard to pinpoint, but has then been a particular highlight?
It’s so hard to pinpoint one thing, but going out at one venue we played, Coco in London to about a thousand people and we had a lot of our friends come out and it was just an amazing show, one that really gave a lot of hope that we may be able to do big things in the UK in the future. Beyond that, we’ve had an amazing time playing through Italy. We had a day off in Rome and that was great from a personal perspective because I haven’t been there before and it’s a really magical place to be. We had too many experiences.. amazing shows in Switzerland and Helsinki in Finland and getting to see places like Sweden and Norway for the first time and going across to Romania and Hungary, Germany, France… all that stuff was a blur of amazing moments.

And of course now you are doing some shows for the home crowds next week.
We fly in tomorrow night and we have basically four days to recover from our jetlag and from four and a half weeks on the road, then fly up to Brisbane for the start of our Australian headline tour which we are really excited about. The band has been playing better than we have even played before. We’ve been playing so often and it’s been a great opportunity to fine-tune the performance every night and we’re excited about coming back home.

Where do you go next?
We have another 31 shows with Cradle of Filth across the US and Canada – which is really exciting. In total we’ll have done 64 shows with Cradle. It’s been an incredible opportunity they’ve given us and we look forward to getting to North America next year after we’ve had a chance to recoup over the Christmas holidays.

Cradle of Filth are a band that really loves metal and always throws their support behind bands they like, so they must be really looking after you.
Every night when you look off-stage, you see Lindsay or Rich or Dani or Ashok… there’s always at least one of them watching from the side of the stage. It’s not a one-off thing, it’s every night, 33 shows. We’ve become really good friends with them and they’ve treated us really well. It has been a really good time personally as well. It hasn’t been this thing where we’re touring with this really big band that keeps to themselves. It’s just been a bunch of friends hanging out and playing some great shows together.

Have you had any time to start working on new material?
We started writing new songs earlier in the year and then when we started touring in June, everything sort of fell apart with the song writing side of things and we’ve rarely been home since then. We haven’t all been home in Australia at the same time since May, so it’s been a little bit difficult but we’ve been talking in the last couple of days that we practically live on the road at the moment so we need to take some time for song writing while we’re out on tour. We’re planning on getting a bit of writing done while we’re on the North American tour and starting to work towards getting a new album recorded hopefully sometime before the end of next year.

Since Citadel, have you had much time to reflect?
It’s been pretty crazy. I think maybe we’ll have time to reflect when we hit that Christmas-New Year break and think about all the things we’ve done this year. In January we headlined a festival in India to 12,000 people and then we came home and did the Soundwave festival tour and then we did a dozen of the biggest metal festivals in the world in Europe and he headlined in Israel and we played in Hong Kong and Japan again and then six weeks on tour with Cradle of Filth! I don’t know how we could fit much more into a twelve month period. Especially for a band that’s only been overseas once before, now we’ve literally spent half a year touring around the world. It’s just been an incredible year and we’re looking forward to next year being more of the same, but hopefully a little bit bigger and a little bit better.

What was it like playing Soundwave, because obviously that’s the biggest thing that we have here?
I’ve attended Soundwave almost every year as a fan so I just thought it was great to be able to go for free and watch all these amazing bands. Just the exposure of playing in front of several thousand people at each one… it was really our first festival and it prepared us for the European festivals later in the year where we could turn up and be confident doing these kind of shows.

What was the reaction like to those shows, because even for a show like Soundwave, you’re a really different sort of band.
We don’t really fit in any sort of box, so it’s often quite difficult to know where to put us. But at a festival, we find that we appeal to quite a lot of different fans so we find a good cross-section of people are really into us, and we’ve found that right across the year.

You must be looking forward to getting back and actually spending some time here!
Of course. I have a three year old daughter at home who I miss very much and we love our Australian fans very much. As great as this tour’s been, I fully expect to walk into the venues in Australia and have our fans blow Europe out of the water. That’s how it’s been in the past. We;re still bigger in Australia than anywhere else in the world at the moment and there’s nothing better than having hundreds of people turn up just to see you. We definitely don’t take that for granted. It’s exciting to be coming home.

Catch Ne Obliviscaris and Plini in Australia at the following shows:
3/12: The Zoo, Brisbane QLD (+ Dark Symphonica)
4/12: Small Ballroom, Newcastle NSW (+ The Helix Nebula)
5/12: Oxford Arts Factory, Sydney NSW (+ Daemon Pyre)
6/12: The Basement, ACT (+ Claret Ash)
10/12: Max Watts, Melbourne VIC (+ Hollow World)
11/12: Fowlers Live, Adelaide SA (+ Dyssidia) (A/A)
12/12: Amplifier Bar, WA (+ Illyria)