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Scour was formed by John Jarvis from Pig Destroyer and Cattle Decapitation’s Derek Engemann in 2015. Teaming up with Phil Anselmo and Decrepit Birth’s Chase Fraser, it wasn’t long before they had done a short EP of anti-Christian darkness and scourn. Now with the release of their second set Red, Loud catches up with founder Jarvis.

Scour is a band comprising musicians from different projects, and musical backgrounds. How did it all originally come together?

Derek and I originally had the idea while we are on tour with Cannibal Corpse.  Every night after the show we’d go out and check out the cities nightlife, and had the idea to start a band of just good friends that can have a blast together on the road.  Once Phil got on board things moved very fast

How did you approach Phil? He’d played in black metal bands before Scour. Did you have that in mind at the time?

He was definitely our first choice, and we did have that in mind. I sent him an email asking if he was interested and I attached a demo, and he replied that he “could kill this” and we went from there.  Asking someone to join band can be like asking a girl out, you don’t know what she’s going to say, if you’re going to get rejected.  Luckily there were no “Throes of Rejection” haha

That’s very true. I remember Phil saying that he’d picked “provocatively absurd” lyrics to suit the music. He’s definitely killing it on that front. How did come across Chase Fraser, and decide that he was a good fit?

We’ve known Chase for a long time through Animosity and Decrepit Birth, and we’ve been on many tours together in the past.  The night we decided we wanted Phil was the same night Chase was hanging out with us San Francisco after a show, we asked him that night and he was in.

Sounds like it all came together pretty quickly. Was it an easy process to put music together, given that you’re spread across different states?

It’s pretty simple since Derek writes all of the music, and Phil handles the lyrics. The first EP was written on the Cannibal tour and since me and Derek were together every day, we would find little spaces and studios to record in. With the RED EP we just did it through email which is very easy these days

The internet makes everything a lot easier, for sure. I remember when I first heard of Scour’s formation. Anticipation was quite high for what became the debut EP. How well was it received?

Much better than expected, I think it was great to see the extreme side of Phil again.  Overall positive reviews from what I read

That’s great to hear. I definitely agree with that. I feel like ‘Red’ was a more extreme performance all around, compared to ‘Grey’ I guess that’s at least partly down to you all getting a feel for each other as musicians. Was it a conscious decision to release another EP, as opposed to aiming for a full length album?

Yes, we had a plan to release three EPs, six tracks each.  666 for the evil and darkness Joe, haha.  It’s a lot easier for us to do an EP, since were are so spread out and we have so many projects going on. Once the 3rd EP is out, we plan to release all three in a 666 box set.  I’d guess from that point the next step would hopefully be our first full length. But you never know, anything can happen

That’s true, anything can happen. I was actually wondering if both EPs having six tracks was more than just a coincidence. I can imagine such a box set having a collectible aspect as well. A potential full length is an interesting prospect, the longer format would allow you to stretch out a bit, but then the next EP (if that is to be the next step) could easily introduce a new direction in itself. Is the ‘Grey/Red‘ naming convention part of the theme as well?

Yes that was also planned, up next will be the BLACK EP. Of course if we stick to the plan that is….

No reason to deviate from a winning formula. If I’m not mistaken, Scour played their first live shows this year. How were they received?

It was great to finally take it to the stage.  The first show was New Orleans, then we did New York and Hellfest.  We have all played Hellfest before so it was great to be back.  I think it’s been received well live, and we always add a Pantera song at the end to send everyone home happy

From the youtube videos I’ve seen, definitely seemed to have been received well, but then that’s totally different to experiencing it live. Adding a Pantera song is an interesting stylistic choice, but I feel like you’ve been able to adapt it well to Scour’s style. I guess it’s somewhat dictated by the activities of your other respective projects, but do you foresee large-scale touring for Scour?

It’s not out of the question.  There have been many tour offers, but at this point it makes the most sense to play Festivals and maybe 1 or 2 shows around that.  If the demand is there we will play

That’s true. Playing scattered shows here and there leaves audiences hungry for more, always a safe bet. I feel like we’ve covered a decent amount of ground. Is there anything you’d like to add, to see the interview off?

Check us out at our upcoming December Texas shows and next year at Roskilde Festival, thanks!