Doomsday Festival Sydney

Newtown Social Club, Newtown NSW
September 30, 2016

Acid King 02 Acid King/Brendan Delavere
Opening the night, Sydney fuzzed out five piece Los Hombres del Diablo ripped open a box of huge riffs and high as a kite stoner goodness.
With a rapidly filling room, the air was thick with groove and a huge bottom end rhythm section that could summon Beelzebub. The perfect warm up to a top night.
Wasting no time at all, Seedy Jeezus took the stage and gave stoner rock a huge injection of technical guitar work. Massive, meandering licks, smooth as fuck bass lines and ridiculous drum jams made this more a jam session than a purposeful set.
The sound emanating from this three piece was huge, and that fret work from guitarist Lex Watterreus was magical.
After a solid set, Earthless maestro Isaiah Mitchell joined the trio on stage for part two of the set, one that harks back to the likes of Crazy Horse and Pink Floyd. Just a smooth, slow jam of pure guitar work, plodding bass and layer upon layer of epic soundscapes.
The last time headliners Acid King played in Australia, their Wollongong show was cut short by police due to being incredibly loud. This time it seems the amps were turned down a smidge, though it wasn’t as deafening, the sound was pure and crisp.
Opening with the absolute crushing ‘Red River’, the three piece let loose with a salvo of down tuned riffs, heavy fuzz and straight to the chest tuneage. Every head in the packed-out room was nodding in a psych-induced appreciation.’Electric Machine’ and ‘2 Wheel Nation’ kept the whole room rumbling, that immense bass tone and heavy fuzz like a comet bearing down on the planet. Acid King are an intense tour de force, I will be feeling this show for days.