Big Ass Tour

QANTAS Credit Union Arena, Sydney NSW
December 12, 2015

Unfortunately, due to the early starting time and some 1984-like security, I missed locals and last minute addition, Hands Like Houses. From the plethora of punters sporting merch, I heard good things about the opening set, according to one enthusiastic fan “they were good, like really good, like I wouldn’t listen to a CD but they were amazing live”. So there you go.

By the time US metalcore crew Motionless In White took the stage the floor was packed. Their synth driven metalcore went down with core fans and pit ninjas a treat, with a circle pit opening up within seconds of the first few riffs. Bassist Devin Sola sporting a Michael Myers Friday the 13th mask made the stage his own, whilst the rest of the blackened paint clad six piece held down their own with chugging riffs keeping the crowd going. A few songs in and crowd interest began to wane, until a cover of Linkin Park’s hit  ‘One Step Closer’ brought the crowd around and won over a fistful of new fans, closing out with the electro gothic ‘Reincarnate’ for a smashing finish.

I’ve been in countless pits in my twelve years and counting of going to shows, but the pit I saw open up the moment A Day To Remember took the stage looked equal parts amazingly fun and ball-crushingly intense. The whole floor heaved to as an explosion of confetti rained down. ‘Second Sucks’, the heaviest track in their repertoire, crushed all early in the set, frontman Jeremy Mckinnon had the crowd eating out of his hand.

Smoke and lights made for a show as the quintet utilised every inch of stage. ‘I’m Made Of Wax Larry’ kept the crowd pumping and ninja fly kicking. An acoustic cover of Oasis’ ‘Champagne Supernova’ left many of the teens and twenty somethings scratching their heads, until something familiar in the way of ‘If It Means a Lot to You’ rung out. The set came to an explosive close with ‘All I Want’ and the entire arena standing and jumping for ‘Plot to Bomb the Pan Handle’ as confetti and smoked filled the venue.

Exploding out of the gates to a chorus of screams and pyro, Brisbane’s The Amity Affliction launched into ‘Open Letter’, and circle pits opened up left, right and centre as the crowd and band alike whirled through the opening number. ‘Chasing Ghosts’ and ‘Youngbloods’ kept the crowd running rampant. The shots of smoke and flames making the heaving, sweaty pit just a touch closer to hell.

With the stage bathed in blue light and all white, front man Joel Birch led us all into ‘I Hate Hartley’; by now almost no one was sitting in the stands, all were on their feet. Aahren Stringer hits the high notes on the almost ballad ‘The Weigh Down’ as the entire arena joined voices. Closing out with new single ‘Shine On’, the entire arena and band became one, singing along to every word, hands raised high as balloons rained down from the heavens.

Returning to the stage once more, as most bands do, for an encore, the five piece belted out crowd favourite ‘Pittsburgh’ and ended it all, their biggest headlining show to date, on a high note with ‘Don’t Lean On Me’. With the demise of Soundwave, it’s these kind of tours we will see more of, multiple bands, providing a world class spectacle for a price that’s not ridiculous.

The Amity Affliction:
Open Letter
Lost & Fading
Chasing Ghosts
Never Alone
I Hate Hartley
The Weigh Down
Death’s Hand
Forest Fire
Bondi St. Blues
Shine On

Don’t Lean on Me

A Day to Remember:
The Downfall of Us All
2nd Sucks
Right Back at it Again
City of Ocala
I’m Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made of?
All Signs Point to Lauderdale
Mr Highway’s Thinking About the End
Better Off This Way
Have Faith in Me
My Life For Hire
Sometimes You’re the Hammer, Sometimes You’re the Nail
Champagne Supernova
If It Means a Lot to You
All I Want
The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle