Revesby Workers Club, Revesby NSW
April 7, 2017

Cog (3) Cog/Brendan Delavere

Revesby Workers Club, Revesby NSWApril 7, 2017
Those who arrived early to Revesby Workers Club were treated to a heavy dose of late 90’s hard rock/grunge from Sydney three piece The Dead  Love. A pounding, infectious groove that gets in your head and bangs away. Theirs is a huge sound and they know it, as guitarist/vocalist  Steve Knight stands with arms folded during the closing track, eyes on the slowly filling, head nodding crowd.

Away for a number of years, Wolf & Cub, now with one less drummer, can still produce a galactic spiral of spaced out indie prog rock. A decade ago these guys were the forefront of Triple J’s homegrown indie, along with Children Collide and Mess Hall, and it is pleasing to see them still produce such a planetary sized sound.

Away on hiatus for a similar amount of time, the Bondi trio’s reunion shows last year were nothing short of amazing. And despite some muddling of sound early on, which was rectified quick snap, COG’s performance was exactly like they were never gone.

Opening with the monumental “The Movie’s Over”, the brooding soundscapes cascading over the audience. “Resonate” followed with its plodding bass lines, rebounding off the cavern-like walls of the Revesby Workers club. The massive room was evenly spaced, allowing punters to groove without knocking elbows.

“My Enemy” and “Run”, always crowd favourites, garnered a huge singalong, the smiles across the faces of Lucius, Luke and Flynn spread wide.  “The Spine” with its spoken intro and the crowd chiming in on the “it didn’t give a fuck about you and I either way” and the mosh heavy “Moshiach” had one excited punter pogoing for the remainder of the set.

Forgoing the standard encore, Flynn spoke out how our lives have become too busy and how we need to make time for family before launching into the emotive “Bird Of Feather”, finally closing with the immense “Problem, Reaction, Solution”. The room chorused as one, as those plodding bass lines, heavy drums and weaving guitars culminated together. Seeing these three, together again on stage, happy, makes this reviewer ecstatic to be witnessing it all again.