Frenzal Rhomb

Wollongong Uni Bar, Wollongong NSW
September 19, 2015

IMG 0239 Frenzal Rhomb/Brendan Delavere

Frenzal Rhomb just can’t seem to ever catch a break (pun intended) – heart attacks, worm infections, Soundgarden stealing their drinks, run ins with Kyle Sandilands on national radio and now Gordy snapping his arm attempting to crowd surf. Lucky they have a good mate who can fill in on drums and decent support bands to entertain the masses.

Due to the early starting time, I did miss The Culture Industry, arriving in time for Canine to bring their whirlwind hardcore punk sounds to Wollongong Uni. Short, fast, neck snapping explosions of punk with soft, sweet intros charming the listener before casually stomping on one’s chest. This is a band to keep an eye out for.

Up next, one of the longest running bands in the Gong, Topnovil. Everyone here has seen or heard Topnovil’s fast, abrasive punk, Mohawks, denim and patches, songs about drinking and life in steel city. Good, old school punk to work the almost full venue into a bit of a frenzy while the beers flowed freely.

If you haven’t heard of Frenzal Rhomb before, then you should probably get yourself checked. They’re like that family member you only see at Christmas, the uncle who gets wasted, talks shit and tells embarrassing truths, causing such a ruckus, and all the kids love the commotion. Kicking off with a punchy combo of ‘Russell Crowe’s Band’ and ‘Mum Changed The Locks’, the crowd got rowdier and rowdier, security were nice enough to catch crowd surfers and not be a dick about it either.
Witty banter between the band continued all night, including more than a few jokes about Gordy’s arm, their last gig in Wollongong ending in a punch up and Jay inviting everyone to Lindsey Macdougall’s wedding later this year. ‘5000 Cigarettes’, ‘White World’, ‘Bucket Bong’ and the anthemic ‘All Your Friends’ kept the good times rolling.  The most Aussie song ever, ‘Bird Attack’, featuring guest vocals from Canine’s Tara-Jayne, upped the intensity.

Things slowed down for a minute with ‘I Miss My Lung’ before ramping right back up with a medley of ‘Dinosaurs’, ‘Beaded Curtains’, ‘Caps Lock’ and more.

Frenzal Rhomb, like the race horse they take their name from, have long been at the front of the pack of shitty punk rock, and, too lazy to leave the stage only to come running back on moments later, their ‘encore’ set comprised of their rowdiest numbers. ‘Never Had So Much Fun’, ‘Can’t Move Into My House’ and the punchy little ditty, ‘Punch in The Face’, wrapped up another fun night of punk in the ‘Gong.