Full Scale Revolution

Bald Faced Stag Hotel, Leichhardt NSW
February 11, 2016

Img 0111 Full Scale Revolution/Brendan Delavere

There was a time when Australia was flooded for choice hard rock acts: The Butterfly Effect, Cog, After The Fall, DLC, Karnivool. While some of those bands have faded away and others perform once in a blue moon, some such as Melbourne’s Full Scale, at the height of their popularity, imploded spectacularly. Ten years on, and it’s time to get the band back together.

 Unfortunately due to a door issue, I missed opening act The Archaic Revival, though I did catch the local pub band playing originals in the front bar.
Hailing from the Blue Mountains, Aussie blue metal three piece Red Bee tore into the Stag with raging riffs, massive bass lines and bombastic drums. It’s ridiculous the sound that emanates from this trio, all brought together with that distinctive Australian drawl from vocalist Dan Silk. Red Bee are a well oiled machine, incredibly tight, explosive and atmospheric, able to blow any venue roof off with ease.
Though a reformation of a band like Full Scale Revolution deserves sold out venues around the country, the less than capacity room was a surprise. This reviewer blames Sydney’s lock out laws and Mike Baird for the lower numbers. Getting the party started with the funky ‘Party Political’, always the enigmatic front man, Ezekiel Ox was quick with the between song banter, not only thanking the 150 plus strong crowd for supporting them, but ranging all topics of state of politics, refugees, lock out laws and everything between. A rousing rendition of ‘Sixteen Today’ saw Ox spend much of the song sitting on the barrier, crowd surrounding him.
Midway through the set, one drunken punter decided it wise to call Ox a “sellout” and a “pussy”. Never one to back down, Ox destroyed this fella with words until security lead him by the hand out the front door. Ox spent much of the remainder of the set amongst the heaving, sweaty crowd. ‘Feel It’, ‘Rapture’ and ‘$75 An Hour’ kept the energy high and the room steamy on this ridiculous Summer night. Screaming along with a hundred other punters ‘I’ll fuck you with a strap-on!’ during ‘The Heimlich Manoeuvre’ was an experience in itself. The band ended their set by confirming what we all hoped, that Ox, guitarist Jimmy Tee and new additions Chris Webber and Leigh Miller will be dropping the Revolution from their name and recording a new album. This reviewer cannot wait!