Full Tilt Festival Brisbane

Eatons Hill Hotel, Brendale QLD
April 23, 2022

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Third time lucky! After a couple of unfortunate stop starts due to the worldwide you-know-what, with most public restrictions now dropped/given up on, it is time to get live music cracking again. And what line up for Brisbane to dip its toe back into festival live music, with an indoor and an outdoor stage area.

The day gets off to a slightly rocky beginning as all of us early birds make our way to the indoor stage for Closure. Fifteen minutes after the band’s original start time word begins to circulate that The Bennies can no longer perform today, and as such Reliqa from Sydney will begin the day from their slot on the outdoor stage, whilst Closure will have to compete with They Art Is Murder later in the day for attention.

This is my first time hearing Reliqa , and what a great job they do whipping the already energetic crowd into the first pit of the day. Their brand of prog/metal with the glorious clean vocals is a great way to get the day moving as the punters move in. Even without their usual vocalist Brock, Stepson are wasting no time in keeping the energy high for those smart enough to squeeze into the indoor stage and watch the band unleash.

Making our way outside to see Luca Brasi felt a little underwhelming after Stepson. The band have always been good at the music they play, though like a couple of other acts on the bill, the just cannot keep up with the energy that the baying pit is calling for, so back inside for Justice For The Damned. A band on the heavier end of the hardcore spectrum, they revel in the chaos that their presence on the stage induces, blowing a amp head in the process. This gave those in the pit a quick breather as things were changed over so the band could get back to stomping the stage.

The next band we managed to catch was Void Of Vision, who, with a 4pm set time were the band of the day for myself and my LOUD jnr that I brought along to fetch me beer and hold things for me. This might be helped by being wedged up against the barrier indoors during the most energetic pit of the day whilst the band played a set like their lives depended on it.
From the indoor stage straight out in the pit for Thy Art Is Murder, the only rest was while the stage setup was completed… and then the second craziest pit of the day took off as expected. Thy Art played completely out of their shell, leaving nothing on the stage. As a result of the chaos we only managed to catch the final song of Closure, another band that I originally hoped to catch in full, sadly a victim to the dreaded festival set crossover.

Frenzal Rhomb performed as expected. After 30 odd years, why would they change what works? After the frenzy of the previous pit on the outdoor stage it looks as though a lot of people are using the set as a time to rest and recoup some energy for the upcoming headliners.

Alpha Wolf were next up at the indoor stage and managed to create such a vibe that security were forced to stop letting people into the well packed ballroom at Eatons Hill. Unfortunately communication again let the organisers down, as people lined up outside the stage area hoping to get in and never being told that they had no chance of entrance. This of course led to some upset individuals getting manhandled by security and reminded to behave themselves by the local police, who until this point hadn’t been noticed all day.

I took advantage of the unexpected break to get a couple of beers fetched as I sat around chewing the fat with a few other punters. After two years away from the large festival environment, the general consensus is just how great it is to have live music back in such a big way so quickly, and how the next Full Tilt is only 85 days away, unbelievable! After an hour long interlude I was re-energised and ready to hit the pit for In Hearts Wake, another band that I had never listened to much as they always smacked as derivative of everything in the metalcore genre. In saying that I am glad that the LOUD ONLINE junior convinced me to get amongst it. Another band that convinced me of their validity from the stage, hungry after years of inability to tour with a refreshed point to prove, and prove it they did!

After the afternoon of moshing and just standing in the pit the decision was made to stand on the hill and watch headliners Northlane. Being the headliner comes with a great responsibility and great fireworks display. The band manhandled the now tired and (possibly) drunk punters in the pit one last time, wringing all the energy the pit could muster one last time.
Whilst small local gigging never really went away, and I have been lucky enough to catch my share of shows around town, there is something to be said for the festival environment and the added chaos that it can bring. There was a hunger for this fest like I haven’t felt before, and I hope it is a long time before it goes away.  If you are still unsure, get a ticket for the next one and come join the celebrations: LIVE MUSIC IS BACK!