King Parrot

Baroque Room @ Carrington Hotel, Katoomba NSW
November 6, 2015

King Parrot missed K-Town on their recent Regional Rampage outing but a blow-out of their European tour meant they could make the trip this weekend to unleash a show this town has not experienced for a long time. Locals Be Faced were first in line tonight, warming up the growing crowd. A few weeks ago I watched these guys perform as a three piece to good effect but tonight with a healthy crowd and a full line-up they were in good spirits and energised as they ripped into a solid set of heavy as fuck, meat-and-potatoes groove metal.

Red Bee have a strong following in their home town and are quick to take command of the room with boundless enthusiasm and an arsenal of melodic, technical chops. Wearing his instrument high, Dan Silk tears out guitar complexities while handling the vocals with a strong, clean delivery. He and bassist brother Jim make use of every inch of the stage as they rip through faves from Ictus and the more recent tune ‘Chokehold’ as well as debutting a new song that holds promise of more fast-paced, intricate material in the near future. Red Bee never disappoint live and like tonight always pull out something special for their local crowd who were now as ready as they would ever be for what was to follow.

There’s very little pause between acts, and King Parrot take to the stage, Youngy carrying a full box of bottled water under his arm. They ignite immediately, exploding in a chaos of raw grind mayhem. Youngy’s eyes bulge, face contorting, neck veins straining as he screams and stalks the stage, constanting spraying the punters with water from the bottles he cracks open throughout the set. Drummer Todd Hansen is unaccountably casual as the rest of King Parrot burns through their gig with furious energy, an unrelenting assault of extreme speed and caustic grindcore that turns the room into a swirling mass. Close to the stage there is pandemonium. With no security and no barriers, the pit erupts into old school slamming and stage diving – first Youngy is lofted around the room, then several others. There’s no malice, just good wholesome fun with a soundtrack of deafening aural violence being produced by one of the most engaging and ceaselessly energetic bunch of miscreants to ever come out of Melbourne, all making for a killer evening.