Blacken Blows Up

Full line-up now released

51139845425 E1c961c503 C The Amenta/Emanuel Rudnicki

The Amenta, R U N, Lagerstein and Hammers are among 14 new bands added to the already huge Blacken Open Air line up.

Fresh from their live return at the Dark Mofo festival The Amenta will join the event along with pirate metallers Lagerstein, as well as R U N, Growth, 100Years War, Hammers, Dr Flouride, Hell Machine, Flesh Void, Xanadoom, Whet, Jeremy Whiskey, Lungbuster and Adjuster to round out an epic 40 band line-up in the middle of Australia at the end of July.

The full line-up is now: Thy Art is Murder, Psycroptic, Amyl and the Sniffers, Clowns, The Amenta, Shepherds Reign, Claim the Throne, Witchskull, South East Desert Metal, Ruins, Lagerstein, Hammers, Lo!, Snakes, Potion, Dead, Mountain Wizard Death Cult, The Neptune Power Federation, Black Rheno, The Furor, Descend to Acheron, 100Years War, RUN, Diploid, Astrodeath, Diskust, Growth, Hell Machine, Writhing, Dawn, Xanadoom, Fuxache, NGLAH, Adjuster, The Holy Dimes, Jeremy Whiskey, Dr Flouride, Flesh Void, Whet and Lungbuster.