Canberra Metalfest Returns

Show back on in July

Psycroptic2018 Psycroptic

Canberra Metalfest has returned, and is back in its original two-day format!

Psycroptic, Abramelin and Disentomb head up the line-up at The Basement on July 1 & 2. The full line-up now also includes Pod People, Wretch, Remains, KING, 12 Gauge Ramage, Arkanae, As Flesh Decays, Atrocita, Besomora, Burn the Hostages, Carcinoid, Carnal Viscera, Celestial Oath, Goat Shaman, Hekate, Hypergiant, Immorium, Letterbomb AD, Lucifungus, Mytile Vey Lorth, Nembutolik, Plague Dweller, Ploughshare, Point 17, Rooted, Street Trash, Sumeru, Terra Mortem, The Plague, The Ending and Womb to Tomb! Tickets are thru Oztix now.