Desert Highways Serves Up the World

Massive free compilation out now

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Melbourne indie music group Desert Highways want to make sure that independent music can keep reaching the ears of the world.

The crew behind the Brewtality Festival and some of the country’s best independent rock have put together a VAST compilation of tracks from artists from around the world. And we mean vast. Over 200 songs from musicians the world over: Australia, the UK, the USA, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Greece, France, Belgium, Turkey, India, Croatia, Canada, NZ, Denmark, Sweden, with names renown and obscure that include Tumbleweed, Hard Ons, King Parrot, The Neptune Power Federation, Svetlanas, Fireball Ministry, Daemon Pyre, Lillye, LORD, Topnovil, The Ruiner, Potion, Peter Black, Dicklord, Shatter Brain, Pilots of Baalbek, Our Last Enemy, Baby Machine, Hy-Test, Hidden Intent, Flaming Wrekage, Envenomed, Summonus, Dyssidia, Crystal Ignite, Blunt Shovel, 1000Mods and over a hundred more. No Gigs Does Not Have to Mean No Music is available now from Bandcamp for free.