Goodbye to Gravity Tribute

Proceeds to help victims’ families

Incediu Colectiv Bucuresti Melodia Trupei Goodbye To Gravity A Prevestit Dezastrul 85962100 Goodbye to Gravity

One year ago the Collectiv Nightclub tragedy claimed 64 lives in Bucharest, Romania.

During a performance by local metal act Goodbye to Gravity on October 30, 2015, a fire broke out in the venue, killing four of the five members of the band and 60 others, injuring hundreds more and eventually leading to the resignation of the country’s government. Universal Music Romania has released a tribute to the band, Back to Life – A Tribute to Goodbye to Gravity, with all proceeds going to the families of those who died. The album, featuring 17 tracks covered by bands from all over Europe and Israel, is available as a download from this link.