Hexis Bringing Hell Sounds

Danish noisemongers on tour next month

Hexis Hexis

Danish blackened hardcore unit Hexis are teaming up with Siberian Hell Sounds for a tour sure to deliver as much hell as it promises.

Hexis will be unleashing their noise assault on Australian audiences for the first time, while the Brisbanians will perform their latest release Svengali in its entirety. These fifteen shows may be the only ones Hexis ever do in Australia, so don’t be the one to miss out.

3/10: Rosemount Hotel, Perth WA**
4/10: Jimmy’ Den, Perth WA**
5/10: Via Studios, Brisbane QLD*
6/10: New Globe Theatre, Brisbane QLD
7/10: Hamilton Station Hotel (Back Room), Newcastle NSW
8/10: Black Wire Records, Sydney NSW*
9/10: RAD Bar, Wollongong NSW
10/10: Phoenix Bar, Canberra ACT**
11/10: MusicMan, Bendigo VIC**
12/10: Hotshots Gallery, Melbourne VIC*
13/10: Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne VIC
14/10: Ancient World, Adelaide SA*
15/10: Crown and Anchor, Adelaide SA
16/10: Brisbane Hotel, Hobart TAS**
17/10: The Arts Hall, Ferntree VIC** *

*All Ages
**Hexis only