The Kids Are(n’t) all Riot

Show stopped by violence

The Kids The Kids

Sydney teen punks The Kids were forced offstage at an all-ages event when a riot almost broke out during their set.

Four songs into their Sydney performance, the band were confronted by members of the opening act and a clash occurred, during which the parents of The Kids’ members (all of whom are under 18), other punters and the band themselves forceably ejected the offenders, who were heard to be shouting extremist bullshit, as if starting a fight with children wasn’t dickish enough.

The Kids kick off their national tour in Adelaide tonight.

4/10: Broadcast Bar, Adelaide SA
5/10: Ancient World, Adelaide SA
11/10: Rompa Room, Gold Coast QLD
12/10: Vinnies Dive, Gold Coast QLD
12/10: Common Ground, Brisbane QLD
17/10: Hideaway Bar, Sydney NSW
19/10: ECP Studios, Central Coast NSW
25/10: Young St Supper Club, Melbourne VIC
26/10: Bombay Rock, Melbourne VIC
27/10: Mr Boogie Man, Melbourne VIC