Loud Online Australian Releases Poll: 2017

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We want to find out what your favourite Australian releases from the metal, heavy rock and punk worlds were for this year. We’ve put together the most comprehensive list of releases we could manage, from the beginning of 2017 until November 17 (because we had to make a cut off somewhere). Of course, there’s always something we’ve missed, so there’s also room to add one we didn’t remember! Check out the survey below, and vote early, vote often!

We’re taking votes right up until December 31, so vote away and let everyone know about it. Results will appear in early January.

Note: Releases issued after November 17 will be in next year’s poll


  • Ben

    I want to vote for stone lotus, comastone. But for some reason I can’t get into the survey

    • Brian Giffin

      Hi Ben, I added your vote for Stone Lotus! Thanks for voting