Ozzy and Sharon Split?

Rocky rock marriage on the rocks

Blacksabbath Photocredit Ross Halfin 220116 0905 Ozzy Osbourne/Ross Halfin

The 33-year marriage of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne appears to be over, according to reports from E! News and Rolling Stone.

Both sites have reported a family spokesman has confirming that the Black Sabbath singer is currently not sharing the couple’s home. While the pair have split in the past over Ozzy’s relapse into drug abuse, several sources have suggested that this time the issue is an extra-marital affair.

In an update to the story, there were fears for Ozzy’s safety since he left his Hollywood hotel in the wake of the scandal and could not be contacted. Family members were concerned he had fallen off the wagon, but he was later spotted in Los Angeles alive and well.

Black Sabbath played in Australia just last month.