R.I.P. Hank von Helvete

Turbonegro singer dead

Turbonegro 768x435 Hank van Helvete

The former vocalist with nihilistic Norwegian death punks Turbonegro has died at the age of 49.

Hank von Helvete -known to his family as Hans Erik Dyvik Husby – joined the band in 1993 and soon became their best known frontman, leading them across four albums and six chaotic until his mental issues and drug addictions forced Turbonegro to disband. They returned in 2002 as one of the biggest cult bands in the world, with their fan club Turbojugend establishing chapters globally.  von Helvete left he band again in 2010, did a stint of acting and released solo material. His most recent contribution was on the song Black Hearse Cadillac for the latest Me and That Man album.

Further details of his death have not been made public.