R.I.P. Mika Bleu

Miserable Failure vocalist dead at 34

Miserable Failure Miserable Failure

Mika Bleu, vocalist with French grindcore unit Miserable Failure, has been killed.

The singer, who formerly worked at Season of Mist records and also fronted Blobfish Killer, was struck by a drunk driver in Maureillas on July 22. He was 34. Two others were injured in the incident, including Bleu’s girlfriend.

The group’s label, Kaotoxin Records, released the following statement: “He was joy. He was positivity, optimism. He was love. He was party. He was honesty. He was respect. He was absolute friendship. And he’s no more and no one will ever replace him in that special place he had in our hearts.Mika Bleu, ex-Season of Mist and current Hiraw Clothing staff member, singer for MISERABLE FAILURE and BLOBFISH KILLER, aged 34 only, died yesterday in the streets of Maureillas, France, ran over by a car whose drunk driver cowardly fled away. Mika’s girlfriend is still hospitalized as we speak and a friend of them got lightly injured too”