R.I.P. Sean Heist

Superheist drummer dead

Sean Heist Sean Pentecost/Facebook

The original drummer for Melbourne metal unit Superheist has died.

Sean “Heist” Pentecost passed away in his sleep on August 18. News of his passing was broken by former ‘Heist member Drew Dedman and on the band’s Facebook yesterday afternoon (August 19). Pentecost was a founding member of Superheist but departed in 1996 after losing interest in the band’s then grindcore style of play. He re-joined in 1998 once Superheist had adopted the more commercial groove-driven nu-metal that carried them to chart success in the early 00s. Pentecost suffered injuries in the years following Superheist’s split in 2004 and was unable to join the group when they reformed in 2016, and had been suffering from poor health for a number of years.